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Donation Entre Vifs

What Is Donation Entre Vifs?

You may wish to pass on your french assets while you are still alive. You may choose to do this to help children purchase a property or to avoid conflict between heirs after your death, for example.

If you wish to gift a French property, you can do so through donation entre vifs. But the process is complicated and there are many factors that must be considered. There are several approaches to donation entre vifs, each with various tax and civil implications.

You must also consider UK law where UK nationals are involved. Depending on who in the process is a UK national and french national will affect which laws apply and what options are available to you.

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Choose France Tax Law For Donation Entre Vifs

Donation entre vifs can be complicated and it's essential to get right as there are significant tax implications. As with any matter of succession and estate planning, donation entre vifs is will require important financial decisions. This is why you should seek expert advice.

Our law experts and French-qualified notaire can guide you through the entire process. We can help you assess your options and address your unique situation.

France Tax Law are experts in French and UK law and are experienced with cross border legal matters. We have a wealth of knowledge regarding French tax, property, and inheritance law and more. Collectively we have more than two decades of notarial experience, including time in Luxembourg’s banking industry, Monaco law offices, and Noraire’s offices.

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To assess your options and see if a donation entre vifs is right for you, get in touch. Our legal team can guide you through the process and help you consider tax and other financial implications. Speak with a French-qualified notaire today. Call us on 020 8115 7914

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Donation Entre Vifs FAQs

Which Regions Do You Work In?

As well as France we also work in Luxembourg, Switzerland, and the principality of Monaco. We deliver all of our services and expertise for matters in these regions.

Do France Tax Law Offer Other Services?

Yes. Our team have extensive knowledge of both French and UK law. We work with clients regarding matters of succession including French will writing and French property law, including commercial property law, and tax law. We also provide French family law services.

Learn More About Donation Entre Vifs

To learn more about French tax law, property law, and succession visit our blog. We have explored donation entre vifs in detail in our French Estate Planning guide and we cover French wills and will writing in our posts: