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French Wills

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Simplify and Streamline the
Succession Process

A will is a key element of succession planning and ensuring the right people inherit your assets after your passing. Inheritance can be a complex process; however, properly distributing your estate can be made far more straightforward with a will. At France Tax Law, our team of French law specialists can assist with a range of services relating to French wills.

Whether you reside in France or have property there, a French will may be necessary for properly managing the succession of your assets. Having a French will be drawn up by a French solicitor or receiving professional advice when creating a will can also simplify and streamline the succession process. This can help relinquish some stress for your beneficiaries during an already emotional and challenging time.

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French Will Law Experts

France Tax Law's team have more than two decades of notarial industry experience, including many years abroad. Specialising in French and European law, our expert team is equipped to advise you on succession planning for your French assets.

France Tax Law are experts in French wills and can guide you through the process, factoring in potential cross-border inheritance. We understand inheritance jurisdictions and can navigate both French and British laws to ensure the intended heirs receive your assets. We have years of experience delivering first-rate legal services whilst liaising between the UK and France. We can work with clients living abroad and other French legal professionals from our UK office in London.

French Wills and Estate Planning

Drawing on years of industry experience and specialised French will and inheritance law knowledge, we can provide several French wills and holographic will services.

We can assist with your succession planning. Before determining how you wish for an estate to be distributed after your death, it is important that you fully understand the full ramifications of your intended succession plan. Our team can guide you through this and work with you to find an optimal solution. We understand both French and UK inheritance tax laws and can advise how this may affect your beneficiaries. We can also advise on matters of cross-border inheritance and how this may impact your estate and heirs.

French Wills

French Wills and Holographic
and Will Services

In addition to our estate planning services, we also offer French wills and holographic wills service to establish how you wish for your estate to be shared after your passing.

Firstly, it is important to determine the appropriate way to establish your succession plan. Our French wills experts guide the best way to leave your assets to your heirs. In France, there are several ways you can do this, including; testaments (French wills), donation entre vifs (a gift to a child or family member), and donation-partage (distribution of assets to family members). We can walk you through each, how they differ, and why you may wish to use one over the other.

Once we have established how you wish for your estate to be distributed (and the consequences of these decisions), we can assist in creating a valid French will. Whether we, ourselves, draw up your will or you create a holographic will (a will written and signed by yourself), we can ensure it is legally valid for total peace of mind.

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French Wills Services

If you have French assets and want to ensure they are inherited by the indeed beneficiary, speak to one of our French wills experts. A team member can assess your situation and advise on the appropriate next steps for creating and implementing your succession plan and the management of your estate. To learn more about how France Tax Law can help with your French will, call us on 020 8115 7914.