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If you live or work outside of the country or frequently travel, you may need to assign someone power of attorney. Many legal and business affairs require immediate attention, which can be difficult if you are outside the country and not available to deal with the matter in person. Even when location is not an issue, having someone else deal with certain tasks can be useful.

By assigning power of attorney, you can enable someone else to act on your behalf for many various activities, helping to ensure legal and business issues can be addressed even if you are not present. When giving someone power of attorney, you can enable them to do several things on your behalf. You can permit someone to carry out business transactions through procuration, pay taxes, sign contracts, and operate bank accounts.

In France, the document which allows you to assign an attorney-in-fact and grant them the ability to carry out actions in your name is called a procuration.

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Procuration France Experts

France Tax Law's team have all the necessary training, skills and knowledge to assist you in assigning an attorney-in-fact. With over 20 years of notarial law experience between our team (including many years abroad), we know the ins and outs of procuration in France

Procuration France

The person receiving power of attorney is named the agent. A procuration document must detail what the agent is being permitted to do on your behalf. There are many areas where you may require someone to act on your behalf. We will help you determine which activities your agent will be permitted to carry out. The agent will be able to carry out any activity you permit in the procuration document but will be strictly prohibited from any activity not granted. This makes it crucial that you pay thorough attention to what is and is not included in the document.

Once you have selected an agent and decide which legal activities they can enact in your name, our French procuration team can draw up the document and make an appointment with a designated Notaire to complete it. We will ensure your agent is given full access to the activities you deem necessary to manage your legal affairs better and keep your business running smoothly.

France Tax Law's Lawyers can work with notaires, other french legal professionals, and clients in France from our London based UK office. We create streamlined communication channels with all parties to efficiently and effectively handle the procuration process.

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Procuration For Business

Procuration in France can help you manage your personal legal affairs; however, it is often most beneficial in a business environment. When starting a business, establishing an agent you can delegate certain responsibilities to can be highly beneficial. By granting others the ability to handle some of your business activities, you can free yourself up to work and focus on other areas of the company that need your attention.

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Procuration is an essential part of operating a business and settling legal concerns for many. To learn more about procuration, how you can utilise it in your life, or better manage your business affairs, speak to one of our experts. To get in touch with our team, call us on 020 8115 7914.