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France Tax Law is a dedicated team of French law specialists with a qualified French Notaire and a combined notarial experience of over 24 years. Our many years of French law experience includes several years across the banking industry in Luxembourg and law offices in Monaco. Notaries are qualified lawyers specialising in civil law. We draw up legal documents and provide legal advice. We also have the legal authority to verify documents as correctly signed.

At France Tax Law, we provide notarial services across a broad range of specialisations. We combine our expertise in Uk and European law to provide advice on how the different country's laws can interact. We offer this across several areas of law, including succession law, tax law, corporate law and more.

Our notarial team provide services to French-speaking countries, often working with clients living abroad and dealing with other legal professionals in those countries.

Notarial Law Advice in France

French Notarial Law Advice

France Tax Law are experts in many French law areas, including; commercial law, estate planning and succession law, property law, relocation to French-speaking countries, residential law, rural law, and tax law. We can provide advice and notarial services for each of these areas of law. We can assist with all of these law specialisms concerning both French and UK law too. For example, our succession planning specialists can aid you in managing the UK and French succession laws to ensure your estate is properly distributed in a cross-border inheritance.

French Notarial Services

In addition to our advice, we also deliver other notarial services. For instance, we provide the drawing up and signing of documents for a wide range of uses. We can provide some of the most important documents you may ever encounter in your life. From documents for relocating abroad to validating holographic wills so that your assets will be divided according to your wishes, the documents we provide are often necessary for crucial aspects of your life.

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No matter where you are in the world, our advice is available to you. We currently serve customers in the UK and Europe, and we'd love to hear from you. We have English and French-speaking law professionals with experience in Uk and European notarial law.

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If you need legal advice for any of our many law specialisations, contact us by calling 020 8115 7914. A member of our team will assist you with any of our many notarial law specialisations concerning the UK or European law.