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At France Tax Law, we are experts in family law in France. Family law is one of the most important areas of law and can have some of the biggest implications for you and your loved ones. Family law in France covers marriage and divorce law and areas relating to parenthood such as child custody and adoption.

The way matters of family law are handled can have far-reaching consequences, potentially impacting everything from taxes to the succession of your estate. It is a complex area of law that intertwines with many other areas such as French succession law, French tax law and French property law . Proper management of French family law matters is of the utmost importance. You must always work with professionally trained and experienced experts. The French family law team here at France Tax Law are ready to be that team of experts for you. Drawing on more than two decades of notarial law experience, our team can provide advice and assistance for family law issues.

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Marriage Law France

At France Tax Law, we are experts in French marriage law. European institutions have implemented many rules and regulations in response to the freedom of movement across Europe and the subsequent increase in international marriages (divorce and succession). We remain up to date with these continual changes allowing us to deliver specialised law services for this complex area of European law.

We assist our clients with matters of French and UK marriage law. We can help you navigate the differences between UK marriage law and French marriage law and understand how your current situation applies in both countries. For instance, you will need to strongly consider both French and UK law if you married in one country but wished to divorce in the other. This and many other complications can often be alarming or unexpected. For full peace of mind and to understand how a current or upcoming marriage will affect you in the UK or France, speak with one of France Tax Law's marriage law qualified Notaire.

Divorce In France

Divorce can be a very difficult time. A divorce can have a large emotional (and potentially financial) impact. Furthermore, there may be further complications relating to children and custody. During this challenging time, it is important to seek out professional assistance. Our French divorce lawyers can offer professional advice and guidance.

We can also file for divorce. Plus, we offer ongoing legal support for a variety of situations that may arise from a divorce. These additional legal services include making arrangements for children, asset tracing, mediation, and arbitration.

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French Family Law, Succession and Estate

One of the core areas of French family law is the protection and management of an estate. Marriages, a large part of family law in their own right, have implications regarding how an estate is shared and subsequently the estate's inheritance. It is necessary to take measures to protect yourself and your assets and ensure your estate remains intact and will continue to be managed as you wish. This means making adjustments to your succession plan and other aspects of your estate management to protect from unwanted changes which may result from marriage or other changes in circumstances.

We can guide you through what changes will impact your estate and how. We can also advise on maintaining or creating your desired succession plan and help in taking action to achieve this.

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Family law is a broad area of law, and it is even greater when managing it across several countries. It is also very complex and often surrounds emotional circumstances such as bereavement or divorce. This makes it essential that you have a supportive team of experts by your side through every family law-related process from marriage to divorce. To learn more about marriage and divorce in France contact us on 020 8115 7914.

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French Family Law FAQs

What Family Law Matters Can France Tax Law Assist With?

France Tax Law can provide expert assistance in matters of French marriage, divorce, and inheritance in France. We are experts in cross-border issues and can help with jurisdictional matters, considering the intricacies of French and UK law. We also work to ensure your family law decisions align with optimal tax strategies.

Are French marriages recognised in the UK?

Yes, a marriage that is legally conducted in France is generally recognised in the UK.

Can I divorce in the UK if I married in France?

Yes, you can initiate divorce proceedings in the UK even if you were married in France. UK courts have the jurisdiction to handle international divorce cases, including those involving marriages conducted in foreign countries like France. Consult our legal experts to understand the specific requirements and processes involved in filing for divorce in the UK in this scenario.

Can I divorce in France if I married in the UK?

Yes, you can divorce in France even if you were married in the UK. French courts have the authority to handle international divorce cases, including marriages conducted in other countries like the UK. Our cross-border family law professionals can help you fully understand the specific procedures and considerations for divorcing in France after a marriage in the UK.