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France Tax Law are experts in French property law, and we provide several services to assist you with purchasing or selling property in France. We can advise people in a range of situations, from those relocating to France to people buying second homes or making commercial purchases. France Tax Law can help you manage all of your buying and selling French property needs. From providing advice and informing you of the tax and succession implications of the transaction to liaising with notaries and signing contracts, our French law experts can meet all of your requirements.

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Buying and Selling Property in France

Property acquisition is a crucial decision in a lifetime, whether it will consist of your primary or secondary residence. With the recent reform of contract law in February 2016 that came into force on 1st October 2016, the vision of property contracts (Promesses, compromis) has changed, and our team of professional lawyers will guide you before you commit. Real estate investment requires technical expertise from professionals, France Tax Law will assist you during each stage of the process.

We can help you with selling or buying a property in France in a number of ways:

  • Signing of the initial contract and supporting documentation
  • Liaising with French notaries and advisors
  • Enquiring about planning issues, rights of way, and other concerns
  • Deciding the structure of ownership for your investment

Commercial Property

France Tax Law does not only handle residential property purchases. We also have expertise in France business law and commercial property law. We can offer all the same amazing guidance and services we provide for residential property for commercial property. We can help you with business property purchases and sales as well as property leaseback. We will assess your particular circumstances and address the consequences of commercial property transactions in relation to business taxes and more.

French Lease Law

In addition to working with purchases and sales of french property, we also advise and help with leasing French property. A lease is a contract where a person, the landlord, provides habitation to another person, the tenant, for a period of time in return for rent.

We can distinguish three main types of leases: residential leases, professional and mixed leases (housing and professional practice), and commercial leases. Each of these leases has its specification and is governed by different legislation, and we can assist you in the drafting and comprehension of them. Our team can draft residential or commercial leases to your requirements or review leases drafted by Notaires, estate agents or property developers (in case of leaseback purchase).

French Property Law

Holistic View of
French Property Law

France Tax Law has expertise across many areas of French law. Whilst assisting you with buying or selling property in France, we will advise you on other areas of french law to ensure you make the best possible decisions. When determining the ownership structure of your property, we can look at your specific circumstances and how it relates to French succession law. We also use our in-depth understanding of French tax law to highlight the tax implications of buying a property in France. We can also advise on buying property in France as part of broader assistance with relocating.

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French Property Law

Whether you have already begun the process of buying property in France or are at the beginning stages of consideration, contact France Tax Law for French property law advice. To speak to FranceTaxLaw and learn more about how we can assist you with your French property transactions, call us on 020 8115 7914.