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A property leaseback is how one can sell a property then rent it back from the new owner. It has several merits and is often done to free up capital whilst still making full use of a property. A leaseback property can often be a good investment for buyers as it has significant tax benefits and a guaranteed renter.

However, managing a leaseback in France is not easy. It requires significant expertise and should only be undertaken with the aid of experienced leaseback property law professionals. Our team of dedicated and experienced French property and corporate law specialists are professionals, and we are here to help you with leaseback property in France.

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The France Tax Law team have more than 20 years of combined experience and offer expertise in several specialisms such as French tax law, French property law, French corporate law and leaseback property in France. This combination of French law specialisms makes us the perfectly equipped team to handle all French leaseback property matters. In addition to our areas of expertise, our team is also experienced in providing impeccable cross-border service. We are well-versed in communicating with French notaries and other legal experts and clients living abroad from our UK offices.

Leaseback In France

France Tax Law provides all the legal services you need for a French Leaseback property deal and can work with you throughout the entire process. Our Leaseback property lawyers can help you with everything from securing a French leaseback mortgage to selling your French leaseback property. We utilise our French leaseback law and tax law expertise to advise and educate you on the potential advantages of proposed leaseback deals. We can advise on the tax implications and more, allowing you to make more informed decisions.

Once you have decided to go ahead with a leaseback property deal, we can draw up contracts and carry out other legal requirements to get the deal to completion.

French leaseback experts

Leaseback France
Post-Sale Services

At France Tax Law, we understand that issues and concerns arise beyond the sale. Whilst correct preparation and guidance throughout the sale process are important; it is also crucial that you have experienced property lawyers by your side throughout the lease agreement.

Both tenants and landlords may encounter issues and may need to call upon our expertise to resolve them. Leaseback law is a specialised area of property law, and therefore a specialised leaseback law professional is necessary for most post-sale legal actions. For instance, there may be situations in which one or both parties wish to cancel the leaseback agreement - this functions differently from non-leaseback tenancy agreements. This is also true of foreclosures and other related issues. At France Tax Law, we are on hand to assist with any leaseback-specific post-sale problems

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French Property Leaseback FAQs

Is French leaseback a good investment?

The suitability of French leaseback as an investment depends on individual goals and circumstances. Leaseback property in France often proves advantageous for buyers due to significant tax benefits and a guaranteed rental income.

What is the French leaseback scheme?

The French Leaseback Scheme is a tax-discounted property investment programme. It enables investors to buy and lease a property back to a management company for a guaranteed rental income.

Who can invest in French leaseback properties?

Generally, anyone can invest in French Leaseback properties, whether a French resident or non-resident. However, specific requirements and tax implications may vary.

How long is the typical lease period for French Leaseback properties?

Lease periods for French Leaseback properties typically range from 9 to 11 years, with options to extend in some cases.

Are there exit strategies for investors in the French Leaseback scheme?

Exit strategies for French Leaseback investors may involve selling your French leaseback property, extending the lease, or converting it to traditional property ownership, depending on individual goals and circumstances.

What expenses should French leaseback property investors consider?

French leaseback properties offer cost advantages as management companies cover many expenses. Nonetheless, investors should pay attention to management fees and the French property tax.

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Leaseback property in France has potential upside for both sellers and buyers. However, this is a highly specialised area of property law and should not be undertaken without expert guidance. Whether you are considering a leaseback deal and want advice, require assistance executing a leaseback deal, or need legal help with issues concerning a leaseback property, we are the team for you. To learn more about how we can help with your leaseback property dealings, call us on 020 8115 7914.