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QUALITY Legal and tax services 

Our work entails analysing the global situation of our clients in a bid to provide a quality service that takes into consideration our clients’ needs in the short or long term. 

We have a robust approach to responding to complicated situations and also proficient in the art of creating customised strategies with our clients. 

We understand each client is different and we perfectly adapt and personalise our legal and tax advice to the client’s requirements.

Thinking of a break

Are you thinking of relocating to a new country? It is as smart decision to have a thorough knowledge of the tax and legal implication before taking that step.

With a vibrant team of experts and consultants who have worked in different European countries, we will be able to guide you choose the right country to establish your new residence/domicile.

Whether you decide to move to England, France, Monaco, Luxembourg or Switzerland, our team is well-versed in tax and legal matters and will appropriately advise you on the tax and legal system in these countries.


 Not only we can offer legal and tax advice, we can also provide a large range of services with our direct contacts (notaires, accountants, and insurers, brokers) to help you with your transaction.

CONTACT us for excellent French and international law advice from our LAWYERS.

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About Us

 FranceTaxLaw is a law Firm with a French qualified Notaire with over 22 years of combined experience in the  Notarial industry, 15 of which have been working for Notaires' offices, Law offices in Monaco and the banking industry in Luxembourg. 

We are specialised in French and European Notarial Law and can advise our clients on related matters of civil and tax law, including property law, commercial & corporate law, estate and tax planning, succession, and family law.