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Selling Property In France

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Selling a property can be exciting, particularly if there is a potential for a sizeable profit on your investment. However, the process can be stressful, and without professional legal property tax advice, your potential profits can shrink significantly.

The situation can be even more complicated and challenging to navigate as a UK resident selling a property in France. You need to understand both UK and French property and tax laws. Or have someone by your side that does. France Tax Law are that someone. Our French property sales experts team can help you through the sales process. We’re experienced in Uk and French law and understand the tax implications you need to know.

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French Property Tax

At France Tax Law, we’re experts in French property law and tax law. We take a holistic approach and carefully consider the tax implications of your sale to help you make more informed selling decisions. Not only can we assist with selling property - we can also guide you when buying property in France. We offer legal advice which considers both UK and French tax laws and how they affect you. As French business law experts, we can help you with business tax matters and selling commercial properties in France too. Not properly navigating taxes can be costly, so it pays to have an experienced team by your side to lay everything out in straightforward, no-nonsense terms.

We Work With French Notaires

We are experienced in helping our clients sell homes in France through French notaires. We work with french notaires across our services and have a French-qualified notaire on our team. We have French-speaking property law experts who can communicate with anyone in France involved in the sale. If you are looking for a reliable team in the UK to work with your team in France, we are the right people for you.

French Property Experts

The France Tax Law team, including a French-qualified notaire, has a wealth of knowledge in both UK and French property and tax law. We understand the tax implication of property sales and how French and UK laws work alongside each other. Furthermore, we have over 20 years of notarial industry experience, including time in Luxembourg’s banking industry and Monaco law offices.

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Receive expert legal advice on selling your French property. Whether you are selling a residential or commercial property in France, our team can help you with the sale, taxes and more. To learn more about how we can help you, call our French-qualified Notaire on 020 8115 7914

Selling Property In France FAQs

Has Brexit affected selling property in France?

Yes, Brexit has caused changes to how UK residents can sell property in France. We discuss the changes in our blog post "How Has Brexit Affected Selling Property In France?".

Can you help with buying properties in France?

Our French-qualified notaire and french tax law professionals assist with French property purchases. We offer the same holistic approach and high-level insights to deliver the best legal advice surrounding the purchase and its tax and inheritance implications.