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French succession law (or French property law on death) relates to a person's property upon their death. The laws aim to have the property distributed according to the deceased's wishes. However, ensuring this happens is not easy. Navigating the laws and the many issues that can add further complexity to succession requires expert insight and specialised knowledge of French succession law.

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French Succession Law Experts

France Tax Law are French succession law experts. We offer over twenty years of combined notarial experience and specialise in working with clients and other legal experts across borders (between the UK and Europe). We are not only experts in French property law after death, but we understand how it interacts with British laws and can provide detailed advice and guidance on navigating cross-border succession. As with all of our services, our team delivers top tier succession law advice and notarial services across Europe. The France Tax Law team are experts in working with French notaires and overseas clients from our offices in the UK.

French Succession Planning

Estate and succession planning are essential for ensuring your assets are inherited by the intended heirs. Our French succession law team works with you to assess your current situation regarding your assets, whether located in your home country or abroad, discuss the synthesis of your project and prepare a list of actions to implement. We will propose solutions adapted to your situation and give you sufficient information to organise your succession and prepare for your future.

Cross border succession also adds an additional and unique complexity to the sharing of the estate. There are many implications of a cross border succession. We can help you understand the relevant laws, how they affect the inheritance of your estate and help you plan accordingly. As experts in French and European notarial law, we are uniquely equipped to assist with cross-border succession between France and the UK.

We can offer a service to assist you with the settlement of the estate, questions of cross-border jurisdictions, the preparation of legal and tax documentation for French authorities and liaison with French Notaires.

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Succession Disputes
and Inheritance

Following the death and regardless of the family situation (e.g. surviving spouse, children from one or more unions etc.), the transmission of the deceased's estate arises and raises several issues.

In addition to heir designation (whether designated by law or nominated under a will), another question raised is to determine the share. France Tax Law's team are experts in French property law on death and can assist with distributing an estate and settlement of inheritance disputes. In addition to settling an estate, we can aid and advise heirs regarding inheritance tax and other legal aspects of receiving an inheritance.

We understand that the passing of a loved one is an emotionally (and often financially) difficult time. This is why we offer practical advice and assistance that helps and supports all parties and provides peace of mind.

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French succession law can be complex, especially when dealing with issues of cross border jurisdiction. If you need a professional hand in ensuring your estate is properly managed and shared among your heirs as you wish, contact us and speak with a trusted French succession law specialist. To learn more about how we can assist you with the succession of your estate, call us on 020 8115 7914.