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Cross Border Inheritance Law Services

A Team Of Professional Notaires

We are a team of professional notaires providing expert advice on cross-border (between the UK and France) matters. We understand the cross-border law from all angles, from succession planning and French will writing to cross-border inheritance tax.

We understand the nuances and many potential reasons for a cross-border inheritance, such as the deceased not living in their country of origin or having property in several countries. And we can provide specific advice tailored to your situation and how it is affected by both French and UK law.

French Wills Lawyer In London & Newcastle upon Tyne

Our Cross-Border Inheritance Advice Service

France Tax Law are experts in French and European notarial law. Our professional team deliver expert advice on many areas of French law, including inheritance law and the many overlapping and related areas such as property law, inheritance tax law, estate planning, and succession law.

We combine our UK and French law expertise and understand how they interact with one another to help our clients work through cross-border matters.

Experienced French And Cross Border Inheritance Law Experts

Cross-border inheritance can be complicated, and navigating it correctly may require expertise in many areas. Inheritance law alone often demands legal expertise and tax knowledge. In addition to this, you need a team with experience in both UK law and the laws of the other regions involved in the inheritance.

France Tax Law’s dedicated team of professionals consists of experts from across all disciplines required to handle a cross-border inheritance. Our French notaire can provide crucial insight into French law, including French tax, succession, and property law. The France Tax Law team has over two decades of combined notarial industry experience. Our experience extends to time in the Luxembourg banking industry, notaires offices, and law offices in Monaco.

For professional assistance handling cross-border inheritances matters between the UK and French-law territories, speak with France Tax Law.

French Wills Lawyer In London & Newcastle upon Tyne

Cross Border Inheritance FAQs

Which Areas Do You Work In?

We are experts in French law and, therefore, can provide cross-border inheritance advice concerning France, Luxembourg, Switzerland, and the principality of Monaco. We can advise on inheritance matters between these regions and the UK.

Do You Provide Other French Law Services?

Yes. The France Tax Law team have a range of expertise and specialities. Our combined experience covers many French and UK law areas, including:

If you need specialist advice for French-Uk cross-border matters in any of these areas, speak with France Tax Law today.

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