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At France Tax Law, we understand the complexities and challenges of dealing with divorce cases involving French and cross-border law. We are a leading UK law firm specialising in French divorce services. We provide expert guidance and support with the separation of assets following divorce. With our in-depth knowledge of both UK and French legal systems, we are here to navigate you through the intricacies of French divorce law, ensuring your rights and interests are protected throughout the process

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Why Choose France Tax Law for French Divorce Law Services?

Our team, including a French-qualified notaire, have two decades of French notarial law experience. We understand UK and French law, making us uniquely qualified to help with cross-border matters and other complexities. Plus, our extensive knowledge of Divorce law, as well as French tax law, French property law, French succession law, and much more, enables us to provide a holistic approach. We can assess your needs as part of a bigger picture, guiding you through the process to achieve the best outcomes for your family and finances.

Drawing on our experience and extensive understanding of these areas we can provide expert assistance with the division of property and assets.

Property and Asset Division in French Divorce

Community Property System in France:

France operates under a community property system, which affects the division of assets and liabilities during divorce. Our lawyers will provide you with a detailed understanding of how the community property system works and its implications for your divorce case.

Treatment of Marital Assets in French Divorce Cases

Our legal experts will guide you through the complex process of property division in French divorce cases. We will ensure that your assets are properly identified, valued, and divided according to French law, protecting your financial interests and securing a fair settlement.

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French Divorce Law FAQs

What are the grounds for divorce in France for expats?

The grounds for divorce in France include irretrievable breakdown, separation by mutual consent, or fault-based grounds such as adultery or mental or physical cruelty.

Can I get divorced in the UK if I got married in France?

Yes, marriages performed in France are recognised in the UK, and you can seek a divorce through the UK legal system.

Can I get a divorce in France if I got married in the UK?

Yes, it is possible to get divorced in France if you were married in the UK. French divorce law allows for the dissolution of marriages performed in other countries, including the UK. However, it's important to consider jurisdictional requirements and consult a legal professional specialising in French divorce law to ensure compliance with the specific procedures and documentation required for your case.

How is property and asset division handled in French divorce cases?

In French divorce cases, the division of property and assets is primarily determined by the couple's chosen matrimonial property regime. If the couple agrees on the division, it can be implemented accordingly. However, if the split is not amicable, a Family Judge may decide how to divide the assets. Nonetheless, the judge's decision will still be bound by the matrimonial property regime chosen by the couple. The selected regime will play a crucial role in determining the distribution of assets in French divorce cases.

What documentation is required for divorce in France for expats?

Documentation requirements for divorce in France include marriage certificates, identification documents, proof of residence, and any relevant financial or child-related documents.

What are the key differences between UK and French divorce laws?

The key differences between UK and French divorce laws lie in the division of assets. In the UK, the court has broad discretion to investigate and divide assets between the spouses. However, in France, the division of capital follows the rules of the marital property regime chosen by the couple at the time of their marriage, with limited discretion for the court.

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