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Expert Corporate Law Assistance

Corporate law is a powerful optimisation tool for estate planning and the smooth operation of a business entity. When it comes to receiving expert corporate law assistance for a business in France, there is no better team than France Tax Law. We offer more than two decades of combined notarial law experience and specialise in French corporate law.

Business Law in France

Setting Up A Business In France

Whether you are setting up a company to hold properties, starting a business, or taking over an existing business in France, many steps must be carried out or overseen by an experienced professional. This is key to successfully launching your enterprise.

Processes such as drafting the articles of association are sensitive steps in setting up or taking over a business. Such processes are not intended to be standardised but, on the contrary, customised to your specific aims and circumstances.

At France Tax Law, you have a reliable partner that can assist you with the setting up of the company, from the drafting of the articles of association to the registration at the French company house (Registre du Commerce et des Societes). Utilising our in-depth knowledge of French corporate law, our team of French business law experts can work with you to draft the relevant articles with the meticulous attention to detail needed for an optimal and seamless business launch or takeover.

SCI In France

In addition to other business entities, France Tax Law is equipped to assist in creating an SCI in France. An SCI (Societe Civile Immobiliere) is a specialised type of company explicitly concerned with the ownership and management of property. SCIs are surrounded by their own laws and require specialised knowledge to set up and operate correctly. Our French law experts are trained in this area of law and can aid you with all your SCI needs.

French corporate law services

French Corporate
and Law Services

Our French business law services are not limited to the creation of companies. France Tax Law provides a comprehensive range of corporate law services encompassing several areas of French corporate law. We can also assist you with your tax returns and the preparation of annual board resolutions. Our French business law services also include legal work regarding any change during the company's life (i.e. change of director, address, form of company, etc.).

Furthermore, you also have access to a host of specialists from various areas of French law who can assist with other matters relating to your business. For example, France Tax Law offer expertise in succession law and can help you with estate planning and the succession of your business. The intersection of our business and property law expertise also enables us to deliver specialised leaseback advice and legal services.

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Corporate Law and SCI Services

France Tax Law is here to meet all of your legal needs for starting a business in France. To learn more about how we can help you start or take over a business in France (including an SCI) or to speak to us about some of the other ways we can assist you with matters of French corporate law, call us on 020 8115 7914.

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French Business Law FAQs

How do I choose the right business type for my French venture?

France offers various business entities, including sole proprietorship (entreprise individuelle), partnerships (SARL, SAS), and public limited liability companies (SA). The choice depends on liability, taxation, management structure, and the number of shareholders and other factors. France Tax Law can help you assess which business structure best suits your requirements.

How can I protect my intellectual property rights in France?

Businesses should consider registering trademarks, patents, and designs with the French National Institute of Industrial Property (called the Institut national de la propriété industrielle (INPI) in France) to protect intellectual property (IP) rights in France.

What should UK citizens consider when setting up a business in France?

As a UK citizen setting up a business in France, you will need to navigate regulations related to company formation, obtaining necessary permits and licenses, registering with French authorities, adhering to French employment laws, and complying with tax obligations in both countries. For more details, read our guide "Top 6 Things To Consider When Registering A Company in France".

Can France Tax Law help set up a business in countries other than France?

Yes, our law firm specialises in crossborder matters of French law. This means we canalso assist with setting up businesses in Switzerland, Luxembourg, and the principality of Monaco. We also provide our other French law services such as tax law and property law for these regions.