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French tax law is a detailed and complicated area that can be difficult to navigate without proper training. If you encounter French tax law, it is advisable to seek professional advice from experienced and highly trained experts, such as our trusted team of French-qualified notaire. Combining in-depth knowledge of all areas of both French and UK tax laws, we can help you better understand and optimise your tax situation with solutions tailored to your specific and unique circumstances.

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At France Tax Law, we help ensure our clients correctly pay and optimally manage their taxes in France. Whether you are relocating, buying property in France, or want to know the tax implications of an inheritance, speak to our team of experienced French tax law experts. Our team has over two decades of combined notarial industry experience (including extensive time working abroad in the law and banking industries). We can advise on a broad range of areas of French tax law, including income tax, relocation tax, and corporate tax.

We specialise in French and European notarial law. Our varied experience and specialised knowledge make us uniquely positioned to proficiently communicate and work with clients and French legal professionals whilst operating from the UK.

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Our team of French tax law experts can assist you with many areas of French tax law. We are well versed in; Income Tax, Inheritance Tax, Capital Gains Tax, Relocation Tax, and Corporate Tax. France Tax Law can assist you with queries regarding any of these areas of French tax law. Our French qualified Notaire can assist you with the drafting of French inheritance tax forms, gifts as well as annual declarations of TRUSTS.

We can also advise on New French Wealth Tax (Impot Sur La Fortune Immobiliere) and complete the annual tax returns.

By looking at the French tax implications of your future plans, we can also offer advice and help you determine your next steps. The many areas of tax law are intricate, and there are countless ways changes to your situation could interact with one or more of them. Marriage, changes to your business, or relocating abroad, for example, could all have tax implications. We will assist you in gaining a full picture of your French tax related to the current situation and the full scope of the impact of any changes.

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French tax law is connected to many other areas of French law. Corporate tax relates directly to French business law, relocating has many potential tax implications, and inheritance and succession also have tax considerations. At France Tax Law, we have a wide range of French law expertise. We draw on all of these other areas of law experience and expertise to provide comprehensive and informed tax advice.

We combine our knowledge of French tax law with our expertise in property, inheritance, and family law (among other areas and disciplines) to provide the best tax advice tailored to your unique circumstances. To learn more about our complete range of French law specialisms, see our French Legal Advice page .

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If you need a trusted team of French tax law experts, get in touch with France Tax Law. Whether you are buying property in France, managing an inheritance, or relocating, we can provide thorough and dependable tax advice. To contact France Tax Law and speak to an expert about managing your taxes in France call us on 020 8115 7914.