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Setting Up Business In France

Unlock A Host Of Opportunities

Starting a business in France could unlock a host of opportunities. However, business law should not be tackled without experts in your corner. Things are complicated further when expanding into France. You will have to navigate the complexities of UK and French business law.

At France Tax Law, we have the expertise and experience to help you achieve your business goals, from setting up your business through to acquiring property and navigating tax implications.

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Starting A Business In France

We are specialists in all areas of French business law, and we can guide you from the very start - setting up your French business. Professional legal guidance is essential to successfully launching your enterprise. We have helped many businesses establish themselves in France and understand the nuances and intricacies of the process. We will make the process run as smoothly as possible, helping you avoid pitfalls and overcome legal obstacles.

France Tax Law can help you with:

  • Starting a business in France
  • Expanding your UK business to France
  • French business takeovers

We take a personalised approach. The important stages of setting up a business are not meant to be standardised. Drafting the articles of association (and other important stages of launching your French business) require a tailored approach. You need a team that will account for your business's nuances and specific goals. Combining years of experience, a deep knowledge of French corporate law, and a personalised and professional approach, we will help you start your business in France.

Setting Up A French Business In The UK

France Tax Law are well versed in UK and French business law. This means we are equally well equipped to assist you in bringing a French business to the UK as starting a business in France. Our French-speaking lawyers are adept at working with French legal professionals to seamlessly coordinate the launch of your French business in the UK.

About Our French Business Law Experts

The France Tax Law team are dedicated French corporate law experts with an extensive background in French business law and many adjacent areas. Drawing on more than two decades of experience, including time in Luxembourg's banking industry, Notaires' offices, and Law offices in Monaco, we can help you with all areas of establishing your business in France.

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Other Ways We Can Help You

Starting a business in France is just the beginning. We are here to assist you with all legal matters concerning your venture. Our French business lawyers can assist you with:

Setting Up Business In France FAQs

What is an SCI in France?

An SCI (Societe Civile Immobiliere) is a type of business often used to own and manage French property. They require specialised knowledge to operate correctly. France Tax Law are experienced with SCIs and can assist you with creating an SCI.

Can you advise on the tax implications of starting a business in France?

Yes. We can look into the financial implications of setting up a business in France. We will consider the tax implications of your business operations in France and take into consideration both UK and French tax law. We can also help you with estate planning and matters of succession, including cross-border inheritance.

Can you assist with leasing and purchasing commercial property in France?

Yes. French commercial property crosses over two of our areas of expertise; french property law and French corporate law. We can help with all areas of the lease or purchase and provide guidance on the wider tax implications.

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