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Investing In French Property - Which Areas Are Best?

Before choosing where in France to invest in property, you need to ask whether you should invest in french property. Is French property a good investment?

With proper market research, French property may be a good investment opportunity for you. There are brilliant opportunities in well-established cities, whilst property in up-and-coming areas could be valuable investments.

France is a popular destination for tourism, creating some potentially lucrative short-term rental options for French property buyers. Plus, many regions are also popular among retirees looking to enjoy France's incredible culture, scenery and weather in the latter years. Furthermore, if you are looking for a property you can later sell for a sizeable profit, there are areas of France worth your consideration. 

French property prices have remained relatively stable in recent years, making it an attractive option for long-term investment. However, this does not mean purchasing French property is not without its challenges or costs. Investors need a guiding hand to navigate French tax, property, and inheritance laws. It's essential to conduct thorough research and seek professional advice before making any investment decisions. However, the process can be surprisingly straightforward with the right French property law experts by your side. 

What Are The Best French Property Investments?

As with all investing, there is no clear “best” when it comes to investing in French property. There are profitable property investment opportunities all across France, and we've highlighted a few regions worth researching. From tourist hotspots with fantastic short let potential to hidden gems overshadowed by their more expensive neighbouring towns, here are some top picks for property investments in France.


Paris is always a popular destination for property investors due to its robust rental market. It has high demand from both tourists and locals. Paris may be more expensive than other regions in France. However, properties in Paris can still prove to be good long-term investments. 

The long-term rental yields in Paris do not compete with many other regions across France. Furthermore, as the capital, Paris is subject to property inflation. However, there is great potential for short-term renting. The supply for holiday accommodation is not keeping up with demand. With the increase in AirBnB rentals, Paris property provides an opportunity for profitable year-round short-term rentals. 


Bordeaux is located in southwestern France, benefiting from a mild climate and beautiful countryside. But there's far more reason to buy property in Bordeaux than the weather. Bordeaux offers historic architecture, a vibrant cultural scene, and excellent transport links making it a popular tourist destination. 

Like Paris, the potential of long-term renting in the area is limited. However, short-term rental prices are not too far behind the capital, making Bordeaux property a worthwhile investment if you can attract your share of its many tourists.


Saint-Etienne has one of the highest rental yields in France. Plus, property prices in Saint-Etienne are very affordable and just a fraction of the cost of property in more expensive cities such as Paris. This means you can begin to build your French property portfolio with a much smaller investment. The area has suffered from a declining population, but this is showing signs of turning around.

Current indicators suggest Saint-Etienne is a fantastic choice for property investors. Saint-Etienne properties provide the potential for good rental yields and capital gains on the sale of the property.  

Up And Coming Areas For French Property Investment

The three options above are great choices. They're also popular and quite well-known. If you have already begun researching the French property market, you may have encountered them before. However, not all opportunities are as widely spoken about or have as rich a history when it comes to property investment. So we have included a couple of up-and-coming areas you may also wish to consider when purchasing property in France. 

Grasse (The French Riviera)

The French Riviera, on the southeastern coast of France, is a popular destination for wealthy international buyers. It offers sunny weather, a luxurious lifestyle, and stunning scenery, which all greatly appeal to tourists. The region is particularly popular among those looking for a second home or a holiday rental property.

However, not all regions are paid the same attention by investors. Grasse is one potentially overlooked but up-and-coming area of the French Riviera. Despite benefiting from the riviera's weather, scenery and tourism, it is less known for its property market than surrounding areas. Property prices are lower than in neighbouring towns creating great potential for property investors. 


Provence is a region in southeastern France known for its picturesque landscapes, charming villages, and rich history. It is a popular destination for tourists and retirees, making it a good option for investing in holiday rental properties or retirement homes. 

The Provence region is home to some up-and-coming areas, such as Arles. The city of Arles is well known for its photographers and artists and was once even the home of Van Gogh. Arles sits on the banks of the river Rhône and has several roman monuments, including UNESCO heritage sites dating back to the first century. 

Enquire About French Property Law

If you are looking for an expert team to assist with your French property investments, speak with France Tax Law. We are experts in French property and tax law and can help you throughout the process. We can even assist you with writing a French will and other areas of succession to ensure your properties go to the intended heirs. 

Discuss your french property investments with a French-qualified notaire today.  Enquire about French property law.

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